• Monday 6.05.2019

    Special Session at the 25th International Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra (ACA’2019), July 16 – 20, 2019, Montreal, Canada: Computer_algebra_modeling_in_science_ACA2019. Talks 1. A. Prokopenya. Dynamics of a generalized Atwood’s machine with three degrees of freedom 2. H. Sarafian. A Study of Sensitivity of Nonlinear Oscillations of a CLD-Series Circuit to Parametrization of Tunnel Diode […]

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  • Friday 18.01.2019

    We invite to the seminar of the Department of Applied Mathematics Monday, January 21, 12:15am room 3/7.

    Our speaker is Amitesh Datta, Princeton University

    Title: The Siegel Mass Formula and Tamagawa Numbers

    Abstract: I will introduce the Siegel Mass Formula, which states (in a special case) that the solution to a certain counting problem of quadratic forms over the integers is equal to a product of special values of the Gamma and Riemann Zeta functions! I will interpret this formula in terms of Tamagawa numbers. If time permits, I will briefly discuss the relationship to counting principle G-bundles over an algebraic curve over a finite field. The talk will be elementary and motivated through concrete examples, beginning with a discussion of quadratic forms, and leading to the statement of the Siegel Mass Formula and related ideas.

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  • Friday 14.11.2014

    The following courses taught in English are offered for students of EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS such as ERASMUS or ERASMUS MUNDUS:

    Basic Statistics,
    Biology Inspired Computations,
    Building Database Applications Using MS Access,
    Calculations in Finance and Risk Management,
    Calculus with Applications,
    Cisco Technology,
    Computer Aided Business,
    Computer Networks,
    Computer Simulation in Mechanics with Mathematica,
    Credit Ratings and Migration Matrices in Financial Risk,
    Curve and Surface Reconstruction,
    Data Integration System (ETL),
    Digital Technology,
    Energy Risk Management,
    European Countries in Transition,
    Financial Markets in Transition,
    Introduction to Algorithms,
    Introduction to Numerical Methods,
    Introduction to Quantum Informatics,
    Management Information Systems,
    Management Information System Design,
    Mathematical Economics,
    Mathematical Models in Biology and Economics,
    Nonlife Actuarial Models,
    Object-oriented Programming,
    Operations Research,
    Probability with Applications,
    Programming of Dynamic Internet Applications,
    Programming with Mathematica,
    Quantitative Methods in Financial Derivatives,
    Reporting Services (ETL),
    Structured Query Language (SQL),
    Theory and Practice of a portfolio Optimization,
    Vanilla and Exotic Options,
    Working with Excel Macros.

    For further information about studies at the Faculty of Applied Informatics and Mathematics please contact Dr. Beata Zduniak, email: beata_zduniak@sggw.pl.

    For further information about the EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS offered within the Warsaw University of Life Sciences see http://www.sggw.pl/en/international-cooperation_/educational-programs.

    For the full offer of the courses taught in English at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences see http://www.sggw.pl/en/international-cooperation_/information-for-students/sggw-studies-in-english/subjects-in-english.

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  • Tuesday 3.12.2013

    The Faculty of Applied Informatics and Mathematics at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences participates in student exchange programs. Detailed informations can be found on the website:


    See also:

    Erasmus Mundus, project IAMONET-RU



    Erasmus Mundus, project ALRAKIS II




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